When I was a teenager, my father died. He never even made it to fifty.

I questioned why this happened to him.. Why it happened to me.

These thoughts haunted me. I began to doubt my beliefs.

Like most young people, I had not figured out my life yet. Things like school seemed less important than before, and I began to party hard.

As they say, change comes from within.

I figured out that ‘why?’ is the wrong question. There is no answer.

Life happens, and at times it is rough. We can not control everything. But we can control our response to the events in our life.

Stoicism helped me deal with my loss. By focusing on my everyday, I got to a new normal.

The loss is always there. Even after many years, I still miss my dad. That will never go away. But I stopped questioning why. The feeling of loss no longer controls my life.

I moved on, I changed, and I hope you can, too. When the time is right.


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