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Depression affects millions of Americans every year. It can cause major changes to your life and can also affect the lives of those around you. At times depression can be overwhelming however it is highly treatable in most cases. It is then therefore of critical importance to seek depression support to help you to treat your depression and then live a healthier and happier life. Depression support can come in many forms and fashions. Several studies support the notion that confiding in and talking to friends and family can help in one way or another. It can help to put things into perspective, it may help you to sort through your feelings or they could recommend professional help.

When it comes to professional depression support there are many options to consider. These options include psychotherapy, visiting a doctor, joining a support group, seeking admission into a depression treatment center and so on.

Psychotherapy involves regularly meeting with a licensed therapist or psychologist who through CBT and DBT will attempt to help treat your depression and equip you with necessary skills for combatting depression. Psychotherapy is a tried and tested method of depression support and has proven to be effective.

Medical professionals can also provide treatment through the administration of antidepressants, although using antidepressants may seem intimidating to some. A study carried out to determine patient satisfaction with medical treatment of depression concluded that out of 792 patients, 79% of patients reported good to excellent treatment during a 6 month period. Additionally 37% of patients achieved depression remission. These studies amongst many others serve to prove the effectiveness of antidepressants and medical treatment of depression.

Support groups are yet another mean of gaining depression support. They typically comprise of a small number of persons who are going through similar problems, in this case, depression, led by a professional. Support groups have been shown to be very beneficial in providing depression support, as they allow for the sharing of and receiving of advice, eliminate feelings of loneliness and social isolation and also allow for persons to talk openly about their feelings in the presence of others who can relate to them. In addition to this, studies have shown that peer based interventions can serve as effective depression support mechanisms and that they can reduce depression symptoms. This may not be as effective in more severe cases of depression however.

Depression support is essential in overcoming and treating depression, with so many outlets available all persons who experience depression are encouraged to seek support in one way or another.

There are many ways to seek depression support, psychology today offers an online database which lists all services and licensed therapists in your area who can help you to cope with depression.

Additionally certain states offer databases as well as other support mechanisms as well, one such example is NAMI Baltimore. NAMI Baltimore offers various programs aimed at helping those with mental illness.

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