Rayna Godfrey, Contributing Writer

Rayna Vaught Godfrey, Ph.D., is a licensed psychologist in private practice in Jacksonville, Florida. She specializes in grief and loss with adolescents and adults. She received her master’s and doctoral degrees in counseling psychology at the University of Denver. A member of the Association for Death Education and Counseling, she has presented at international conferences and workshops on the experience of losing a sibling in adulthood. Her website is www.raynagodfrey.com

Deborah Shorindé, Contributing Writer

Deborah Shorindé is a writer and aspiring podcaster who shares stories that centre on creating social change through awareness and community action. Her work explores the intersections between womanhood, diaspora and self-love, while also documenting her penchant for sunlight and SZA. She currently resides in London, United Kingdom. For more of Deborah, follow her @deborahsown on Instagram and Twitter.

Marie Lesaicherre, Contributing Writer

Marie Lesaicherre, PhD, is an entrepreneur, writer and energy coach. Passionate about living a more balanced and holistic life, Marie started meditating twenty years ago when studying for her PhD at the National University of Singapore.

She discovered Chinese medicine while working with GE in China, dove into yoga when she relocated to the US, and reconnected with her spirits during a yearlong solo trip in Africa while finishing her executive MBA from Columbia University and the London Business School. But it’s in Dubai, while running startups, that she found in energy healing the methodology she had been seeking for years to integrate and rebalance body, heart, mind and spirit and became a certified Pranic healer and theta healing instructor. Marie resides in New York City.

Molly Lubin-Fosha, Contributing Writer

Molly Lubin-Fosha is a 29 year old woman originally from Queens, New York and presently resides in Nashville, Tennessee. She majored in Psychology at Hunter College and is applying to graduate schools in Mental Health Counseling and Social Work.

She is a life coach, assisting clients in manifesting their greatest potential. Molly has devoted a great deal of her life to studying psychology, attending conferences, and soaking up as much knowledge as she possibly can. As a trauma survivor and someone who has struggled with mental health issues, she is extremely dedicated to the cause of outreach to help others.

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