Teen Angst

Being a teenager can be overwhelming: school, homework, social activities, and worrying about the future can cause lots of stress. We’re stuck in this phase between childhood and adulthood, where we’re too young to know what we’re doing but old enough to be expected to know. On top of...

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You’re Not Alone

If you’re like me, then you’ve probably heard of a YouTube channel, The Game Theorists. The channel is best known for the show, Game Theory. Each week, Matthew Patrick (aka MatPat) combines gaming lore and real-world science to create elaborate theories about various video games. Recently, the channel produced...

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Accessing Mental-Health Services: Challenges and Benefits

In 2016, only 41% of the 3.1 million adolescents with depression received treatment, according to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. While many adolescents received the help that they needed, almost 2 million did not. Why? In many cases, teenagers are the ones preventing themselves from getting...

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Let’s Start Talking

Towards the end of my sophomore year of high school, I decided to stop getting out of bed. After months of overwhelming anxiety about school, my family, and my future, I no longer saw the point of going about my daily life. During the first few days, I was...

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