How often do you take the time to be grateful for all the health, opportunities, relationships, and joys that you experience every day?

“Disease” can be defined as a state of unbalance (in any area of our lives, from health to finances to relationships), and I have found gratitude to be really helpful in re balancing unbalanced areas of our lives. Being grateful gets us to relive what we already have, raising our positive energy; looking at what we are not grateful for can also help us shine light on deeply hidden resentments.

I don’t remember who first suggested to me to start a gratitude practice. I don’t even think I had any ultimate motive but to simply review and relive the nice events of the day, as I was about to fall asleep.

It was three years ago. I was living in Dubai. One day, I decided to replace reviewing the unfinished to-do lists that tried to keep me up at night with a simple exercise: remember three things that happened during the day that I was grateful for. The practice stuck.

Last year, I started writing down my three gratitudes after reading about the benefits of putting down my thoughts on paper.

I also started the habit of reading the previous day’s gratitudes first thing in the morning—what would be a better way to start the day than reliving the joys of the previous day?

This year, beginning January 1, I started collecting my daily gratitudes in a small jar on my night stand—until New Year’s Eve comes, when I will open the jar to read and live again all the beautiful events of 2019. And especially these tiny, sweet, fleeting moments that we often take for granted and sometimes tend to forget: the coffee shop barista who remembered exactly which tea I drink today, the impromptu call with my niece, some beautiful texts from one of my buddies whom I got to know better last weekend.

Gratitude is not new, I know. But we take it for granted. We often forget how beneficial it can be.

It would also be nice to see more of it on social media. It would be nice to see what our friends, and friends of friends, are grateful for. It would be nice to see gratitude spread far and wide.

To this effect, I created a “gratitude page” on Facebook, for the pure joy of sharing positive energy in the world.Please check out:

I am grateful

And feel free to post as you wish, as often and freely as you wish, texts, pictures … and feel free to share to see what your friends are grateful for.



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